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You know who he is, right?  Brian Martin?  Jericho?  Heґs writing for OSAll every week now.  Check it out!

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"screwing NSA since 1998"


Iґd like to take this opportunity to welcome two new staff members to OSAll.  In synch with our expansion, these are our first two new people -- and weґll be adding at least one more in the following few weeks.

With that said, their names are (drumroll, please): Brian Martin (Jericho) and Russ Roger.

Brian Martin is best known as a guy over at Attrition.org -- and as an all around decent guy.  Some people probably remember him for his successfull campaigns against JP and CPM.  Heґs a security consultant and avid writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

Russ Rogers is also a private security consultant.  He has worked with the likes of NSA, DISA and the Air Force -- along with numerous private companies.  Heґs currently travelling around the world to perform his job -- in fact, heґs in Egypt this week doing penetration testing for some Egyptian company.  Heґs the guy behind Ducktank.net, a loosely knit security site.

You can expect regular article releases from both the new staff members.  Brian will be churning out a new article every Wednsday for your enjoyment, starting this week.  His topics will range from the technical to the cultural.  You can always find his latest articles (and plans for next week) at his page on OSAll.

Rogers will be working mostly on Methodology articles.  His articles arenґt quite so structured in schedule but you can expect regular releases from him as well.  In addition to writing heґll be doing some server-side scripting for OSAll.

Mike Hudack
Editor: Aviary-mag.com

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At OSAll weґre having a bit of a problem...  We canґt figure out a name for our new channel on EFNet.  We canґt use #OSAll because itґs going to be a collaboration between us and another site.  So toss your ideas to contest@aviary-mag.com -- the person who comes up with the name we use wins some cool software.

At Methodology:

Russ Rogersґ first article has been released.  Itґs about his favorite exploit -- the FTP PASV vulnerability.  Russ is off in Egypt for a couple weeks so we may not hear from him for a little while.

In Software:

OSAll is now an official distributor of NetBus, which is one of the best remote administration tools available for Windows.  To download it, visit our NetBus D/L page (and please register it if you like it).

In "Community"

Weґll be announcing an official IRC channel very shortly.  The channel will be a partnership between OSAll and another security site.  Along with general discussion weґll have scheduled lessons, Q&A sessions and maybe even little quizes with prizes :-)  Stay tuned!

In Columns:

Martin says that the real threat to the Internet is in Subversion of Information (SoI) attacks -- not in DoS or defacement.

Soon To Come:

Weґll have Russ Rogersґ first article for you on Thursday.  You can expect many more.


Weґve added a couple books to the bookstore.

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